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Spanish Steps, Facing Vatican. RomeCathedral at Santiago de Compostela, SpainAuqeduct at Segovia, SpainCathedral at Segovia, SpainAlcazar de Segovia. Segovia SpainCathedral at Toledo, SpainCathedral and Giralda Bell Tower. Sevilla, SpainView from Alcazar. Sevilla, SpainAlhambra Fortress Towers. Granada, SpainGardens at Alhambra. Granada, SpainAlhambra. Overlooking Granada, SpainCathedral at Granada, SpainMayan Observatory. Chichen Itza, MexicoCaesarea on MediterraneanJordan RiverChurch at Cana, Cana in GalileeChurch of the Annunciation, NazarethChurch of the Transfiguration (Mt. Tabor)View from Mt. TaborSynagogue at Capernaum